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Bruntab Energy

Smart metering solutions base on IOT technology

About Bruntab

Stablished in 2011, Bruntab started as representative of a century old Danish company mainly focused on utility measurement. After a few years we expanded our services to smart metering and IOT solutions including hardwares and online application In more than a decade, we have expanded our products and services from measuring of energy, water and electricity, to industrial parameters such as Temperature, RH, AIr Quality, Current, Voltage, Flow, Location, etc…

We provice a wide spectrum of solutions for building management, industrial monitoring, pharmaceutical production and distribution, automatic tracking and documentation, agriculture, optimization and live stock management.

Our solutions for measuring

Sub metering of water, electricity, heat-cool, and gas for billing costs

mall and what ever builing needed for issuing seperated bills Bruntab has more than 11 years in submetering for many different customers. Bruntab has started with technology of a Danish company and expand it to local and international market


Data loggers and Alarming systems

Bruntab has a unique platform of hardwares and an online software with highend technology of data loggers. Versatile, complete solution, wireless technology has made these devices, uniqe and everywere useable

Industrial energy optimization and preventive maintenace based on IOT

with a vast veriaty of measuring devices, bruntab offers solutions for optimization of energy consumption for industries, as well as monitoring of industrial devices for reduction of failure.

customer testimonials

our clients are our assets

I started using bruntab's temperature datalogger for my fish pool. upon using it there i found the optimum temperature for fish growth. after a while i bought a RH/Temp logger for my apple farm as well. Now i can see the logs of temperatuer and humidity easily and get notification just after fluctuation in my settings
Fishery owner
We, in our building had always challenge of over consuming and our bills raised up to 3 times. After installing water metering system from bruntab, our problem got solved and our consumption declined to even less than our previous monthly amount
Apartment manager

Our resume

Some of our projects

Main building of Iran MCI hamrah aval

monitoring of electricity in each unit for all building

Rosha center

submetering of electricity, gas and water for restaurants and gym and…


Atlas gandi

submetering of energy and water

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